Mobile Development

Started from 2004 as key domain of IVC, we provide with the development service on embedded platforms, and mobile devices for system integrators. With flexible working model and good adaptation to telecommunication technologies, terminal, base station, multiple platforms, and new technologies, IVC has archived the trust from big major customers. Especially, capacity of developing wireless protocol and providing total solution on Android make IVC become unique among other competitors.

Moreover, in some special case, our engineers can undertake developing on middleware and kernel for special hardware specifications. The testing on circuit boards of prototype or on real devices is also carried on with appropriate method in order to ensure highest quality and performance.

Skill list

  • OS/Platform: Linux, Android, iOS, Symbian, Slim3, Qt, MeeGo, Blackberry, BREW, T-Engine, and Doja
  • Tools: J2ME, Eclipse, UML, Carbide C++, Visual Studio C6, BREW SDK, Mapple X, CPPUnit testing
  • Languages: C, C++, Object-C, Java, JNI
  • Protocols: WiMAX, PHS, W-CDMA, TCP/IP, SSL
  • Standards: IEEE P1900.4, IEEE Std 802.16e, LTE 3GPP, PHS ARIB Standard 4.1, ASN.1, GPS-2003ZZ NMEA, OMA SUPL
  • Technologies: RFID, GPS, DLNA, GAE

Industrial domains

The domains which IVC are specialized in:

  • Telecommunication: wireless protocol development, networking/base station application, terminal application
  • Embedded development: develop embedded application on multiple platforms Linux, T-kernel, Android,…
  • Mobile solutions: mobile solution with the applications for both terminal and server side
  • Android business solutions: A total solution on Android can be provided to meet specific requirement of customer.
  • Consumer electronic applications

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